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The Weird Week in Review

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Burglar Holds Garage Sale at Victim's House

On June 17th, Greg Kemmis of Sarnia, Ontario was out of town when his home was broken into and robbed. According to witnesses, the thief stole tools and equipment, put price tags on them, and sold them at a yard sale in front of the burglarized house! He put up a sign that said "Tools for sale" and stayed with the "merchandise" from 9:30AM until 4PM. One shopper bought a $3,000 machine for $110, and then turned it in to police when he realized it was stolen property. Last week, police arrested 26-year-old Kail Russell Stokes in connection with the theft.

Swedish Woman had One Foot in the Grave

In a scene that we've seen in horror movies, a graveyard in Sweden tried to suck a woman under. The unnamed woman was tending to family graves at Brågarps church in Skåne, Sweden on Wednesday when her leg sank into the earth softened by recent rains. Fortunately, there were other people around, and emergency services were summoned to extract the frightened but uninjured woman. The parish says the grave will be repaired.

Freezing Man's Skull Saves his Life

After 25-year-old Kyle Johnson suffered a horrific longboard accident, his brain swelled so badly that doctors in Ogden, Utah had to remove parts of his skull in a procedure called a bilateral decompressive craniectomy to relieve the pressure.

"Most neurosurgeons do a decompressive craniectomy on one side of the head, where the trauma was," Welling said. "In this case, Kyle had such a global brain injury that we needed to take both sides of his head off, and you just leave a small strip of bone right down the middle."

After Welling and his team removed Johnson's fractured skull, they put it back together with micro-screws and plates. And then "“ they put it in the freezer.

Three weeks later, when the swelling went down, they thawed the skull fragments and replaced them in Johnson's head. He regained consciousness after another week and is recovering.

Royal Descendant Sues Russia for Kremlin

Valery Kubarev can trace his lineage back to the Rurik dynasty, the royal family who ruled Russia during the time the Kremlin building was erected. Kubarev founded an organization called the Princes' Foundation for the Advancement of Religious and National Consensus. The foundation is suing the government for the use of the Kremlin in perpetuity, claiming ownership of the building. The lawsuit sounds like long shot, but the Russian government is currently returning buildings that the Soviet government took from churches, so the courts have agreed to hear the case. In another twist, there is no existing documentation on who actually owns the Kremlin, so Kubarev's claim may have merit.

Wing Falls Off Plane; Pilot Walks Away

A stunt pilot survived a bizarre accident during an air show in Santa Fe, Argentina last weekend. Dino Moline flew a RANS S-9 Chaos plane into a maneuver when one of the wings broke off! The 22-year-old Moline managed to deploy the plane's ballistic parachute, which slowed its plunge to the ground. The pilot burned his foot, but was otherwise fine. The incident was captured on video.

Bears Guard Canadian Pot Farm

Police raided a farm in Christina Lake, British Columbia to find that black bears had been enlisted to scare intruders away from the premises. Two people were arrested for running a marijuana plantation. The ten or so bears did not pose a threat to police.

"They were tame, they just sat around watching. At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off," said Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansveld.

In Canada, feeding bears is illegal as it leads to bears associating food with humans and increases the likelihood of bears coming into towns and cities to look for food.

One has to wonder whether the bears were guarding the marijuana or helping themselves to it. See a video news report.

Paint Huffer Guy Arrested Again

Patrick Tribett of Wheeling was arrested Wednesday night in New Martinsville, West Virginia for huffing paint -again. Tribett is internet famous for his 2005 mugshot showing gold spray paint on his face. This is at least the ninth time Tribett has been arrested for inhaling chemicals. The news article contains a slide show of seven mugshots, most featuring evidence on Tribetts' face.