And Man Created Dog

Jill Harness

Dogs just might be the only animal man can actually take credit for creating. A new National Geographic special, And Man Created Dog, explores the evolution of the dog and their special role with humans. It is ripe with fascinating information about the animals and inspiring stories about human/K-9 relationships. I think my favorite part is the facts page on the site though. Take for example, the following bits of trivia:

The only animal that can accelerate faster than a greyhound over a short distance is a cheetah. Dogs can be taught to understand well over 100 spoken words. Dr. Stanley Coren says the average dog can be taught as many as 165 individual words - more words than an ape can recognize.

Be sure to check out their page to learn more. And if you find out when they will be re-airing the program, let us know!

[Image courtesy of TheGiantVermin's Flickr Stream.]