The Born-Again Virginity Kit

Ransom Riggs

It may surprise you to learn that Chinese women get more plastic surgery than almost anyone in the world (in that dubious distinction they're right behind the U.S. and just leading Brazil), but the newest plastic surgery craze in China might have a tough time catching on in the states: hymen reconstruction -- otherwise known as the "revirginity" procedure. From the Shanghaist:

The aim of the procedure is to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse. The surgery normally lasts no more than half an hour and can cost in the region of 5000RMB. Director of gynecology at Beijing Wuzhou Women's Hospital, Zhou Hong, said that more and more women are turning to surgery after lying to their fiancés about their sex lives. Guess "I smashed into a wall while biking" isn't convincing anybody?

If a bit of wedding-night spousal deceit is what you're after and the thought of going under the knife to achieve it gives you the willies, not to worry! Now you can buy an artificial hymen kit. It's basically a gelatin fake-blood capsule that's intended to break at just the right time. As crazy as this sounds, an Associated Press article points out that this could be an important product "in a conservative Middle East ... where pre-marital sex is so taboo it can even lead to a woman's murder." (Right. It doesn't seem quite as funny now.)