"Oregon Trail" Mini-Documentary (1996)

Chris Higgins

In 1996, MECC released Oregon Trail II, an updated version of the classic Oregon Trail computer game. In the new version, a historian added various details, and some attention was given to women and minorities (who were, if I recall correctly, completely absent from the early versions of the game). The video below was included on a "Collector's Edition" release of Oregon Trail II, and it's part documentary, part promo for the new game. It's worth a look, as it recounts 25 years of Oregon Trail gaming history, and shows different versions of the game running on old hardware. It also shows team members explaining how they've updated the game, and some of them are delightfully nerdy (the sound guy is my favorite).

I have to note, as an Oregonian, that "Oregon" is pronounced "OR-ih-guhn." We're picky about that out here. Aside from that, enjoy:

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