"The World Vs. Scott Pilgrim"/"The Matrix" Mashup Trailer

Chris Higgins

I saw Scott Pilgrim last week and thought it was a fun romp. In the video below, YouTube user AEmovieguy has combined the audio of the Scott Pilgrim trailer with video from the three Matrix movies. Note that this is probably only funny if you've seen the real Scott Pilgrim trailer or the whole movie. Here's what the creator has to say:

Once upon a time, while serving as battery fodder for machines who've imprisoned the human race to a cyber reality, Scott Neo Pilgrim met his dreamgirl, Ramona Trinity Flowers, at a Canadian collegian party for 30-year-old drug and prostitution ringers. Upon being freed from The Matrix, Pilgrim seeks out Miss Flowers, oblivious to the fact that Morphew Patel, the very man who took Pilgrim in, is an ex-boyfriend of hers. Enraged after seeing Pilgrim and Flowers getting flirtatious at the yearly Zion Stock, Patel challenges Pilgrim to a dojo duel for Flower's hand. Following a narrow victory over Patel, Pilgrim has earned his trust and an explanation: Miss Flowers has Seven Evil Exes that Pilgrim must defeat to prove his heart muscle...but, hey, they can make out! "Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix." A Trailer Mashup Edited By AEmovieguy.

Awesome nerd powers on display here:

(Via Waxy.org.)