The Late Movies: Actors In Foreign Commercials

Mark Arminio

One of my favorite movies is Lost In Translation. In that film, Bill Murray plays an actor who is being paid big money in Japan to do an advertising campaign. Tonight for the Late Movies, we take a look at some awesome examples of real actors who have gone abroad to make a quick buck.

Here is Tommy Lee Jones doing a coffee ad in Japan.

In this ad, we see Nic Cage promoting Sanyo's Fever, a handheld gaming device. The device is never seen...this is just Cage going crazy about a set of attractive triplets. Nothing about this commercial surprises me.

Here's one from Germany featuring Jennifer Aniston schilling for Heineken.

Here's a 24-inspired ad with Kiefer Sutherland appearing for a Japanese product called Calorie Mate.

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Madonna holding a samurai sword and singing? Wonder no more.

Other than Cage, the craziest performance in this group is probably Arnold Schwarzenegger as a maniacal genie selling Alinamin V, an energy drink.

I will leave you tonight with my favorite of the bunch: Snoop Dogg, seen here jumping out of a fridge in a tux, singing in an ad for a German cell phone company, VybeMobile.

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