Fun with the Vox Pop

Ransom Riggs

What's a vox pop? You've seen a million of them but probably didn't know they had a name -- they're the segments in news programs and documentaries where lots of different people are interviewed on the street and all asked the same question, and the program cuts fairly quickly between the various talking heads to give a general overview of "what people think." The voice of the people, as it were.

Here's a really standard vox pop (featuring some fun weirdos), just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie had a faux vox pop segment on their show for years, with predictably hilarious results. In this clip, various people on the street (played by Laurie and Fry) are asked what they think of wines.

But my absolute favorite twist on the vox pop (that I've seen recently, at least), is the music video for the band Cake's hit song "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," in which they go around California asking people to listen to the song and give their opinions, which are classic.