The Great American Migration

Allison Keene

For those unaware, Manifest Destiny is in vogue again. According to an interactive map from Forbes called Where Americans Are Moving, it's clear that the West Coast (particularly the Pacific Northwest) is the new "it" area of the country (at least, as of this data from 2008).

Click on one of nine major cities offered to see if populations are moving in (Seattle, Atlanta) or out (Detroit, Los Angeles) - it's a striking portrait of a changing American landscape where people are, potentially, "voting with their feet" and moving out of traditional metro areas to places better primed for job growth.

I personally haven't done much to affect American migratory patterns - I moved 100 miles away in the same state to go to college, then stayed! What about you Flossers? Are you (per the map) going in the direction of the red flow or black? Do you live in any of the cities noted on the map, and if so, have you felt a change?