Why SNL Will Be Funny Next Season


This keeps happening! A couple of years ago, my very funny pal Michaela Watkins joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. They only kept her for a season (sigh) but now I'll have to end my personal boycott of the show because another extremely funny and talented person I know, Heather Campbell, just joined the writing staff. Hooray Heather! This gives me a perfect excuse to post a couple of hilarious videos Heather wrote and stars in for the Upright Citizens' Brigade out here in LA. *Lots* of comedy groups make videos and try to get them to go viral, and let me tell you from experience -- because I have failed at this -- sketch comedy videos are very difficult to make funny, and even more difficult to get lots and lots of people to watch, partly because there are so many of them out there. Not only are these very funny -- and have been seen by lots of people -- they also showcase Heather's talent.

This video hawks an abstract and lamentably unbuyable product: rich parents. (Mildly NSFW.)

This video HAS SOME VERY LOUD SWEARING right at the end but it's only because the product it's advertising IS SO INSANE THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO DESCRIBE IT. Immortal Dog!

Also, she can sing. Watch her freak out a mall full of unsuspecting strangers as part of an Improv Everywhere prank.