Skateboard Tricks + Fire


I don't usually watch skateboarding videos, but this one caught my eye (particularly the HD version). The idea is simple: a group of skaters set their ramps on fire using molotov cocktails and then proceed to do skate on them. While they're on fire, and pyrotechnics are going off. Oh, did I mention there are burning tires and cars too? And it's in slow motion? And Spike Jonze is an Executive Producer? The execution of this project turns out to be insanely complex, with slow-motion HD cameras (including a RED MX) rigged to overhead tracks.

My favorite shot is at about 4:30, when a skater slides across a burning arc. After the main action, the credits sequence shows how they put it together...but not how they cleaned it up afterwards. Have a look:

"LAKAIROMANIA" from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.

(Via the Vimeo HD channel.)