The Late Movies: Wendy's Training Videos

Chris Higgins

You're in for a treat tonight. Below, I've collected a series of vintage Wendy's training videos, all apparently from the 80's. While the first (a rap entitled "Hot Drinks" which explains Wendy's policy on preparing and serving coffee, tea, and hot chocolate) has gone viral, some of the others are still lingering in obscurity.

I'm really curious: if any of our readers worked at Wendy's in the 80's or 90's, did they show you these videos? If so, did they seem crazy to you then?

Hot Drinks

"Hot drinks really get you going! Warms you up when you feel you're slowing! Wendy's...we always serve it right away, add a smile and 'Have a nice day!'" Apparently the performer is Marvin Hawkins -- you can check out his Myspace page for more recent work.

Also be sure to check out the karaoke version if you dare.

Grill Skills

Another rap, this time explaining how to grill hamburgers. An employee is sucked into a TV screen alternate reality, in which a rapper demonstrates how to grill a hamburger the Wendy's way. (You'll have to sit through a few minutes of Dave Thomas talking about meat and bun-hanging first. Don't worry, it's pretty great, and just gets greater as it goes on.)

The trippiest part is when a trio of female hamburgers/backup signers explain meat shrinkage upon hitting the grill. The whole thing is clearly a massive drug trip for the new employee. (I wouldn't be surprised if there's a deleted scene in which he wakes up and discovers his entire Wendy's employment experience was just a dream.)

When Clowns Go Bad

"Mr. Hale? I need a lawyer!" cries a scared Wendy's employee early in this bizarre four-part murder drama. Nate Hale, attorney at law, manages to shoehorn in some important training information during a witness examination in a murder trial. Seriously. It just gets weirder from there.

What Happened to the SuperBar?

I miss the SuperBar. Apparently so do hundreds of other people on Facebook. Here's a vintage ad explaining the now defunct salad/pasta/taco/everything bar concept.