Apparently, We Have the 29th Most Influential Twitter Account*


I like lists, especially ones that put us in the same company as The Economist and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! While I may not understand the methodology, I'm happy to report @mental_floss has been named the 29th most influential news media Twitter account.

From Memeburn: Daniel Romero, a Ph.D Candidate at Cornell University in the Center for Applied Mathematics, asks the question: Are news operations as influential in social media as they are in mainstream media? Are they as influential as they are assumed to be in the offline world? Who are the most influential ones? Romero answers these questions by using a study by HP Labs’ Social Computing Lab which attempts to measure influence on Twitter. Using the HP Labs’ methodology, Romero builds a list of the “100 most influential news media accounts.” Romero also makes a similar observation to that of the original study: There is a weak link between popularity and influence.

I think they just called us unpopular.

What do you get for having the 29th most influential news media Twitter account? No sign of a big trophy yet, but our new best friend @sonyakeith whipped up this pretty ribbon, which I'll consider printing out and wearing to dinner.

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* English-language news media accounts only.