The Late Movies: Star Athletes Playing Other Sports

Mark Arminio

Some people are gifted with raw athleticism and could choose to play a variety of sports if they wanted. And several athletes choose to play more than one sport until their college days, when competition and absolute focus force them to pick one concentration. Tonight for the Late Movies are a few clips of some incredible athletes playing sports for which they are not known (with mixed results).

Perhaps the most famous example is basketball legend Michael Jordan's quest to play baseball. He played minor league ball in the Chicago White Sox organization but never made it to the big leagues. His baserunning here will demonstrate part of the reason why.

Just yesterday, NHL star Sidney Crosby took batting practice at PNC Park. He was able to slug a home run.

NBA player and announcer Charles Barkley has a golf game so terrible there was an entire show on the Golf Channel with swing coach Hank Hanley to attempt to fix it. Here, he shows off this awful swing as he loses a bet at a charity event.

Steve Nash, two time NBA MVP, loves soccer and is a huge Tottenham supporter. He has often said that he could have played professionally had he concentrated on it. Here is a video of his soccer be the judge.

Jose Canseco, who smacked a ton of steroid-aided homeruns in the 1980s and 90s, briefly attempted to start a career in MMA (mixed martial arts). Here he fights 7'2" Choi Hong-man. It goes about how you'd expect.

Bengals Linebacker Dhani Jones has a show on the Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles The Globe. Each episode, he learns a new sport and the culture surrounding it. In this brief clip, he attempts Horse Jumping.

In this video, Miami Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade tries his hand at tennis. Of course the man he faces is Mr. Andy Roddick. D-Wade has some difficulty starting a rally. He has his revenge, however, when he and Roddick square off in HORSE.

Watch former NFL lineman Warren Sapp attempt to beat Michael Phelps in a swimming race...after Phelps spots him a half-pool lead. Enjoy!

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