Weird Website(s) of the Week: Sad Don Drapers Love to Party

Ransom Riggs

Today's weird website is a two-fer, and they're both equally weird. The first is a site called Panda Loves to Party, which is entirely comprised of non-photoshopped photographs of pandas devouring birthday cakes and wearing party hats and generally yukking it up (despite being in captivity). We swear, this website doesn't exist just to make people feel better about jailing pandas so we can look at them in zoos.

The next website is something I can just barely grasp, it is so strange and post-whatever and meta-whatever. It's called Sad Don Draper and it features one cut-out screengrab of Don Draper from an episode of Mad Men I haven't seen, and inserts it into all manner of weird/bizarrely appropriate contexts, and/or makes odd animated gifs out of them, as per the below:

I think the image above may have something to do with my post from yesterday.