If you're a fan of awkwardness and non sequiturs, you'll probably love Between Two Ferns, which is Zach Galafinakis' short-form interview show. In it he interviews celebrities like Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm and Michael Cera, and he does it -- yep -- between two ferns. Galafinakis is such an unpredictable host that you never know where the interviews are going (even though they're partly scripted) -- and even though his guests are in on the joke, he still manages to make them feel super awkward. It's a delight!

In the first episode, he tries to force Michael Cera to tickle him.

ZG: You were in The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Jon Hamm: Yes.
ZG: Why?

Zach yuks it up with Ben Stiller, insults him a bunch, and drops a few F-bombs along the way (just so you know).

Zach's gay, southern twin brother Seth pitches movie ideas about pugs to Sean Penn. It's awkward.

Steve Carell tries to outfox Zach, but his plan backfires.

Zach tries to get Natalie Portman's phone number, but not very hard.

Zach's interview with Hangover co-star Bradley Cooper is interrupted at one point by Carrot Top, who's standing behind him, texting.

Charlize Theron almost cries while talking about her sick dog and then Zach sticks a copy of Need for Speed II: Shift in front of her face.