The Late Movies: More "Next on Mad Men" Parodies

Chris Higgins

Two weeks ago I brought you The Late Movies: Baffling "Next on Mad Men" Clips, which seemed to strike a chord with other bloggers -- it was picked up by the New York Times as well as our friends at Jezebel. (Seriously, we're friends. I met one of the editors last weekend at a wedding.)

The most interesting part of all of these posts was that John Duffy has been making spoof "Next on Mad Men" trailers for some time now, and the added attention has sparked him to make a bunch more -- here's his new blog. So, this week, some new John Duffy-ized "Next on Mad Men" spots based on your favorite TV shows and movies.

Warning: there is salty language in these clips; in general, if the show being parodied uses non-broadcast language, these clips do too.

Strangers With Candy

"Hello, I'm Bebe Neuwirth."

30 Rock

Including the episode with Jon Hamm, which makes things particularly weird and meta. Also: "I was just thinking about how weird it is that we eat birds."

Eastbound & Down

"I just came down here to let you know that I know: you're backstabbing me." Tons of profanity. I love this show.

The Hills


South Park

The closing scene makes it.


"If they ridicule me, let it be on your head."

Grizzly Man

Duffy writes: "I really wish that this one could've been about three minutes, but I had to put the kibosh on that."

See more at the On the Next Mad Men blog.