The Late Movies: Awesomely Bad 80s Football Team Videos

Mark Arminio

In the 80s—a decade which I grow happier and happier I was mostly comatose during—it became fashionable for NFL teams to make delightfully cheesy team videos. Tonight for the Late Movies, here are a few samples which are just delightfully awful.

Superbowl Shuffle

Starting off tonight, here is the famous Superbowl Shuffle, courtesy of the 1985 Bears.

Ram It!

My personal favorite of the group, this is from the Rams franchise back when they were still in Los Angeles. Just RAM IT!

Silver & Black Attack

Speaking of California teams, here are the Raiders singing "Silver & Black Attack."

Locker Room Rock

Sticking with the west coast, here are the 1985 Seahawks performing "Locker Room Rock." Blue wave on a roll!

U Can't Touch This

From 1990 (which may be cheating a bit) is the Miami Dolphins doing "U Can't Touch This." Everything is great about this video, from the giant early cell phone to the matching MC Hammer garb.

Buddy's Watchin' You

Finally tonight, from the City Of Brotherly Love, here are the 1988 Eagles singing "Buddy's Watchin' You," so named for the Eagles former coach Buddy Ryan. Enjoy!