American Civil War Re-enactors ... in the UK!

Ransom Riggs

I know some people who are really obsessed with the American Civil War. For the most part they're older, white Southerners (like my college English professor, Perry Lentz, who's written several wonderful novels set during the Civil War). But there's a group of re-enactors out there who defy all the usual stereotypes -- first and foremost, because they're British.

Huh?! Yep -- the men in the picture above, for instance, are members of the American Civil War Society in Leicestershire, England. The photo was taken by Jay Seawell, who spent three months "embedded" with the Society, documenting this unusual subculture. The main question he asked: why? Check out this short documentary he made in which British re-enactors answer that very question. Turns out there are quite a few British folk who are fascinated by the American Civil War, but don't know a heckuva lot about their own.

American Civil War in the UK - WHY? from Jay Seawell on Vimeo.

Via the picture show.