The Late Movies: O-SPAN


C-SPAN can be pretty boring, unless you're watching Jon Stewart narrate the highlights. Personally, if I have to watch Congress on TV I much prefer O-SPAN, which is The Onion's coverage. It's a heckuva lot livelier.

For instance, here's what happens when a bat gets loose on the floor of Congress.

... or when a half-eaten fish sandwich is discovered in the middle of the floor.

... or when a congressman's son won't shut the hell up during a hearing.

This congresswoman from Orange County proposes a bill that would grant police special powers to track down crappy plastic surgeons.

The hardest part of enacting a new anti-meth program? Coming up with a cool name for it.

This representative wants to meet more kids online.

The congressmen have a tough time concentrating on an Iraq war progress report due to the availability of delicious nachos.

OK, so this is RATHER OFFENSIVE and super not safe for work but made me cry tears of laughter -- especially the Youtube commenters who don't seem to realize that this is not actually our nation's Congress. (Sample comment: "So this is not even edited? What the? f^&*??")

Finally, this O-SPAN Classic clip from 1963, in which the CIA apologizes for accidentally overthrowing the government of Costa Rica.