The Late Movies: Stop Motion, part 1

Andréa Fernandes

Stop motion videos are no longer confined to the realm of claymation kids movies—it's an increasingly popular method for music videos, commercials, real-world reenactments of video games, and more. Here's a round-up of some of our favorite stop motion videos. Check back next week for part 2!

Her Morning Elegance

The music video for Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" is one of the most popular stop motion videos on YouTube with more than 14.5 million views.

(You can watch the behind-the-scenes video here.)

Human Skateboard

"Human Skateboard," a commercial created by PES for Sneaux Shoes, looks painful, even if it is stop motion.

(To see more stop motion commercials and shorts by the artist PES, visit his YouTube channel.)

Google Street View

Google Japan created this adorable stop motion video to illustrate the Google Street View process. I wish it really happened like this!

Going West

The New Zealand book council made Maurice Gee's novel Going West come to life in this stop motion video by Colenso BBDO, which has won three awards.

Process Enacted

This stop motion video within a stop motion video was an experiment by The Chase Factory to "exploit the single frames that make up an animated film and explore the emotions of the creative process."

(To get an idea of the scope of the project, check out the Process Enacted Mutoscope.)

Wedding Invitation

Corey and Rachel created this video to serve as their wedding save-the-date / invitation.

(The rest of the invitation package can be seen here.)


Guillaume Reymond's 5th video in his "Game Over" project involved 111 "human pixels" and took more than 4 hours to film.

(See the rest of his series at his YouTube channel.)

The Insects' Christmas

The stop motion video "The Insects' Christmas" is almost 100 years old. YouTube user XmasFlix swapped the cutaway titles for overlay, enhanced the image, and added audio effects, but the stop motion itself is exactly as it was when it was made in 1913.

Amazon Kindle

The first of three stop motion commercials for the Amazon Kindle featured Annie Little and her catchy song "Fly Me Away."

(You can watch the other two commercials at the Amazon Kindle YouTube channel.)