The Late Movies: Reggie Watts, the Beat-boxing, Singing, Dancing Comedian


Reggie Watts is an entertainer with something for everyone, but what's weird is that he's awesome at everything he does. He's a world-class musician, standup comedian, dancer, playwright, and name it, he's done it, and he's done it shockingly well. He's probably best known for his beat-boxing musical improvisation, though this post will show you a little of everything. Please note: most of these videos contain a lot of swearing. That's why it's the Late Movies, y'all.

I Just Want To (Beat-boxing/singing/DJ)

One man, a sampler, and a microphone...this is a good example of what Watts does live. Sweet and soulful. His vocal style towards the end seems to channel Bobby McFerrin.

TakeYouOut (Skit)

In this street skit, a confrontation takes an unexpected turn. "They got these salads there man, they [expletive] bad-ass."

TakeYouOut from Reggie Watts on Vimeo.

Pop Tech Performance (Beat-boxing + Singing + Standup + Pseudo Tap-Dancing)

Live at the Pop! Tech conference. I really enjoy the standup -- the first part is reminiscent of the running gags in Stella where they intentionally mispronounce something for no reason. There's a part 2 that's well worth your time.

Big Muff (Beat-boxing + Crazy Visuals)

Director/videographer Jake Lodwick writes: "Reggie Watts fooling around in a feedback loop with his new reverb box. We set up a mirror so he could watch himself and interact with the colors live!" Note: "Big Muff" is the name of a famous distortion pedal for electric guitar and bass.

Reggie Watts: BIG MUFF from Jake Lodwick on Vimeo.

Love and Sandwiches (Live Performance with Piano)

A heartfelt song about Reggie's woman making some sweet sandwiches, but he has some problems with the bread.

Live at the Comedy Central Stage, 2006 (Standup + Singing)

This is straightforward indie/intellectual standup, followed by a fake Egyptian child's song, followed by a history lesson, followed by a discussion of robo-tripping, followed by...well, just go with it.

[Expletive] [Expletive] Stack (Music Video)

Watts takes a collection of words you can't say on TV and makes a song out of them, complete with a signature dance. It's a beautiful parody/celebration of rap videos. Sample lyrics: "Yo. Word. Adjective. Pronoun. Adverb. Run-on-and-on-and-on. Where my gerunds at? (Parenthetical.) [TONS OF EXPLETIVES.]" There's even a reference to The Shining.

LOOSEWORLD x Waverly Films: Reggie Watts in F_CK SH_T STACK from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo.

Monday Night Standup (Standup + Beat-boxing + Rap)

Sort of a predecessor to the video above, preceded by some brief project management-related standup comedy. Watts's performance is interrupted/concluded by some Slim-Jim performance art.

Lots More

There's tons at YouTube and tons more on his Vimeo page. He also has a new CD/DVD album out.