What Should I Ask the Mythbusters?


mental_floss has been offered an interview with three of the Mythbusters: Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and Kari Byron. There's a new season of Mythbusters starting in two weeks, and Kari Byron is also hosting the new science show Head Rush, a commercial-free hour of experiments on the Science Channel every weekday at 4pm.

Anyway, for this interview -- while I've got some nerdy thoughts of my own, I want to know what your burning questions are. Got a favorite myth you want to see busted? Want to pick a bone with the Mythbusters' methodology in some obscure myth from four years ago? Want facial hair-care tips from Jamie? ASK AWAY.

The Details

Post your questions in the comments. The cut-off date is Monday, September 27 at 8am Pacific. We'll pick our favorite questions and pass them along to Adam, Jamie, and Kari for an interview that will be posted on Wednesday, October 6 -- the day the new season premieres.

Methodology for choosing the top questions: will be subjective, capricious, and based primarily on the awesomeness of the question. Should a situation arise in which all questions are awesome, a group of mental_floss writers shall be empaneled, Twelve Angry Men style, to determine the best.

Number of questions to be selected: something like ten. We'll see how much the Mythbusters can take, but we think ten seems like a fair number, plus a few nerdy bonus _floss staff questions will be thrown in for good measure. If you ask a multi-part question, be aware that we may only choose the most awesome part of it.

Now, add your questions in the comments! You have until Monday, so be quick about it!

(Photos courtesy of the Discovery Channel. After the jump, check out a few more fun promo shots.)

Mythbusters - Adam and Jamie
Mythbusters - Adam and Jamie /
Mythbusters - Adam with Tennis Ball
Mythbusters - Adam with Tennis Ball /