As Seen On The Shelves of Rite Aid

David K. Israel

Has anyone else noticed that Rite Aid now carries a full line of As Seen On TV products? I go to Rite Aid at least once a month, but never noticed until today. The very first record I ever purchased with my own money was a K-tel album (no laughing!) that had the famous ASOTV logo on it, so I was feeling quite nostalgic there in aisle 12. I stopped to see what they were offering—'cause you know those items are, if nothing else, always good for a chuckle. Turns out, if you want to produce a successful ASOTV product, you need to make sure the name of the item consists of two words and that they either a) rhyme or b) offer some alliteration. Take a look at the examples I snapped below to see what I mean:

Then there's this lulu, which doesn't fit the mold, but I thought worthy of inclusion!

Okay, now the real fun begins... What's the oddest product YOU'VE ever seen advertised AS SEEN ON TV?!