Indeed! After many weeks of testing, we're finally ready to roll out our first online, LIVE event—giving you the chance to WIN all sorts of fun mental_floss prizes, like our new book: The Mental Floss History of the United States: The (Almost) Complete and (Entirely) Entertaining Story of America (be the first to own it before it actually comes out on Oct 5th!) and t-shirts from our store!

All you have to do is tune in tomorrow night at 9pm ET and watch the podcast as it unfolds, live. We'll tell you where to watch it here, on the site, about an hour before we go live. You're going to want to tune in a little early anyway to better your chances to win because there will be some annoying pop-up ads and pre-roll video ads to watch before the show actually starts. We can't do anything about this just yet, as the whole show is being produced on a $10 budget (literally!). Think of it as an experiment, if you will.

Should the whole thing work as we hope it will, we'll then consider paying a little money for the next one so you won't be bothered by ads or pre-roll vids before and during the show. So come on out and be part of this exciting experiment! Officially, it'll be the level 3 bonus round of day 1 over at HDYK? But you need not know a thing about HDYK? in order to win some of the prizes we'll be offering.

I'll be joined on the show, live, by Josh Halbur and our own Andréa Fernandes! You're going to want to have a phone nearby, too, if you want a chance to participate in our lightning round, as well!

See you tomorrow.