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neatorama presents: HDYK? - {day 1}

David K. Israel

This month marks our 32nd month of the 5-day trivia hunt here on That's a whole lotta trivia hunting! If you've been with us from the start, you've watched the show evolve and grow, no change more substantial than when I discovered HDYK? gamer Josh Halbur and promoted him to co-Puzzle Master. Today, we step into a new era yet again, with a LIVE! podcast for our Bonus Round, tonight at 9pm ET.

The good thing about the Bonus Round is, you don't have to be a regular gamer here to play or win prizes. And tonight is no different.

Plus, we're going to have more prizes to give away tonight than ever before!

In fact, even if you log into the show late, like 9:20 late, you STILL will have a shot at winning some prizes because we're going to be taking callers and doing some lightning rounds. How cool is that? But now I'm getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start off with Level 1 and 2, as we always do here the last Tuesday of the month.

For you newcomers, you'll want to check out our Rules page here.and join our Facebook page here. I'll be posting the link for the show in about 6 hours, both here on the blog and over on the facebook page. So be sure to check back so you know where to go to participate, LIVE!

Meantime, on with Level 1.