Mollie Woodworth: Neuroscientist and Cheerleader

Chris Higgins

Mollie Woodworth is currently featured on NOVA's Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers website. The site profiles scientists and engineers -- who also have secret lives outside of their day jobs. Woodworth's secret is that when she's not working in the neuroscience lab, she's an MIT cheerleader. (Yes, MIT has sports and cheerleaders.) The MIT squad has a lot of conventional cheers, but also some gloriously nerdy ones, including:

E to the U, DU -- E to the X, DX! Cosine! Secant! Tangent! Sine! 3 point 1 4 1 5 9! Integral! Radical! Mu, DV Slipstick! Slide rule! MIT!

Hear Woodworth explain cheerleading, as well as her neuroscience research, in this video:

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