Gotta tune in to WIN!

David K. Israel

As promised, here are the details for tonight's LIVE podcast from trivia central here in Los Angeles. First, the prizes!

We'll be giving away t-shirts from the mentalfloss store! We'll be giving away books and DVDs, including the latest _floss book, the not-even-released-yet History of the United States! The grand-prize winner will get a $25 shopping spree in the neatorama shop! What could be cooler?

So how do you win? Simple: We'll be presenting 10 questions. The person who answers the most correctly takes the shopping spree! (Details on "the most" in a sec.) The other fun items will be given to winners of our lightning rounds, if, indeed, we have winners. The rounds will pop up periodically throughout the show and one lucky caller will have a chance to answer 5 questions in a minute. If you guess the theme of the questions, you're a winner!

Okay, so now for the nitty-gritty: We'll only be taking the first 10 people who email in their answers for each question (so a maximum of 100 people total). Once you have an answer, send it immediately to us at (be sure to put the question number in the subject line). If you're one of the first 10 in and you get the answer right, you get 10 points! You're going to need to employ some strategy here tho, because if you get the answer wrong, you lose 10 points. That means you need to weigh your options before pulling the trigger. Who knows how long it will take us to get 10 emails for any given question? Some questions are harder than others, so think about it before you reply.

If you can't make it on air exactly at 9pm ET, don't worry! You could still be a lucky caller later in the show with the chance to win big!

Here's the link to watch the show: HDYK-LIVE!

Be sure to log-in early if possible because there will be a video ad for 30 seconds you'll have to sit through before you can watch the fun. Also, because we're using Ustream's free service, there will periodically be annoying pop-up ads over top the screen. You're going to want to click those closed ASAP as they will block part of your view and every pixel counts on a game show like this! Have questions? Don't worry, I'll be repeating the rules on the air. But if you have one now, leave them in the comments below and I'll check back often and reply.

For those who've been with HDYK? over the years, please note the new e-mail address again: