The Late Movies: Next Media Animation

Mark Arminio

Next Media is a large news company based in Hong Kong, specializing in a wide array of media products. Recently one of their divisions, Next Media Animation, has gained attention for their CGI news reports of American news items. Tonight for the Late Movies we take a look at a few of these often hilarious clips.

The first clip that garnered a large amount of attention was this report on Tiger Woods' car accident from late 2009.

The Force Is Strong With Steve Jobs. In this video, Next Media reports on the iPhone antenna problems from earlier this year, with the Apple CEO as Darth Vader.

Here is a news report about Jersey Shore, specifically Snooki and her growing fame.

If you've ever wondered what non-Americans think of US politics, this clip if for you. Next Media discusses the Delaware primaries where Sarah Palin endorsed tea party candidate (and eventual winner) Christine O'Donnell.

Finally tonight, my favorite of the group. Spoofing on Google's mantra "Do No Evil," here is an animation of the controversy surrounding Google's street view cameras. Enjoy and have a great weekend!