Sesame Street Scandals


Katy Perry’s recent Sesame Street skit went bust when parents complained that the singer was showing a little too much décolletage for kids. But hers is far from the first incident to raise a few eyebrows on the show. A few others:

• C is for Cookie, but that’s not good enough for everyone. Although Cookie Monster has been snacking on Snickerdoodles since Sesame Street’s inception, in 2005, he decided (after some parental protests) that cookies are a “sometimes” food.
• Most audiences didn’t see this one, but on South Africa’s Sesame Street, a cute little character named Kami tackled a pretty big subject when she sang "I have AIDS and you don't, tra la la, we are different.”
• Concerned that the furry three-year-old was corrupting kids, the grammar police tried to make a citizen’s arrest to stop Elmo from saying things like “Elmo scared.”

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