The Late Movies: How to Iron a Shirt

Chris Higgins

So you think you know how to iron a shirt? Take it from the YouTube experts, there's actually a lot of technique involved! And with just a few minutes, you can be ironing like the pros.

How to Iron a Shirt (STRICTLY MEN ONLY)

Michael Chartres is a one-man video advice columnist. Specifically, one drunk man. He describes himself thusly on his YouTube page:

About Me: Nearly 68 years old, retired, living in Staffordshire. Love spending time on my boat, NORSELA. Enjoy building model boats, railways and planes.

Chartres: "It is strictly men only, and ladies should cancel this video immediately and move on to another one."

If you like that, you might enjoy his video on how to use a saw (for ladies).

Esquire's Guide to Ironing a Shirt

In just two and a half minutes, Esquire teaches men how to iron a shirt -- in a manly manner. The announcer commands: "Be careful to sharpen any pleats! Repeat with the other sleeve."

How to Iron a Shirt Properly

"Man has always struggled against the odds to understand the complexities involved in ironing a shirt. He has also relied on the hands of his mother, but cursed age has removed him from the family home, and forced him to face the battle on his own."

The 3-Minute Technique

John Francomb: "Now, I'm passionate about shirts, and passionate about how they look, so ironing is really important to me." Why are so many of these ironing videos English? I'll tell you: because the rest of us are slobs who don't how to iron our shirts. That's why we have YouTube.

Francomb also has a useful video on how to pack for a short business trip -- he has a "foolproof way of packing" that has been refined over a lifetime. Part of it involves keeping the plastic shirt bags that your shirts originally came in -- oops.

How to Iron a Long-Sleeved Shirt

Good God, another English person telling us how to iron! At least this time the instructor is a lady.