Star Wars Trilogy Paper Animation

Chris Higgins

This Thursday not nerdy enough for you? Sounds like you need to watch a version of Star Wars done in paper cut-outs, animated via stop-motion, set to the song "Tatooine" by Jeremy Messersmith. Yes, really. It's only a few minutes (the entire trilogy in under three minutes!), why not give it a shot? It's kinda wonderful. Oh, and, uh, spoiler alert re everything that happens in the original trilogy.

Jeremy Messersmith - Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.

The video is by Eric Power (bonus points for having a domain name using the term "powerup") as a music video for the aforementioned Jeremy Messersmith. So what do the pair think about the upcoming 3D re-re-release of the entire six-part Star Wars film series? Art and design blog Kitsune Noir reports that Messersmith said:

"Unfortunately, George Lucas (in a fate worse than Darth Vader's) is in the horrible place of having had all of his dreams come true. Now he has total creative control of whatever he wants to do, hence Star Wars in 3D. [Eric and I] are both OT (that's original trilogy) fanboys so I made a lo-fi song and he made a very 2D music video."

Way to keep it old school, dudes. Like paper old.

(Via Coudal Partners, via Kitsune Noir.)