10 Surprising Bobbleheads


Not just a staple for at least one summer baseball promotion night a year, bobbleheads for fictional and historical figures, even 60s rock bands are pretty commonplace. But that doesn't mean there aren't still a few surprises regarding who gets the honor of bobblehead-dom these days.

1. John Calvin. No, not an obscure minor league ball player, I'm talking about the John Calvin. You know, French theologian, developer of Calvinism. Fingers crossed for John Wesley next year!

2. Barry Manilow. The appeal of the ironic kitsch factor for this item must be high, because I can't imagine this would be an actual Barry Manilow fan's cup of tea!

3. Pope Benedict XVI. Interestingly enough, the Catholic church's problem with this bobblehead wasn't the fact that it existed, but more that it was not wearing the right cap and robe.

4. Vince Lombardi. Because for one of the classiest, most well-respected coaches in the game, a goofy looking bobblehead is just the thing.

5. The cast of "The Jersey Shore" Already redundant, as they are more or less living bobbleheads. I'm sure owners of these will enjoy them for the full 15 minutes they are relevant!

6. Harry Truman. Ok, I get Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. I'm a little wary of Teddy Roosevelt and FDR (sans wheelchair, I will note). But Harry Truman? Was there a clamor for this? Close second place for the Kinda Random Presidential category: Andrew Jackson.

7. The Trinity Killer from "Dexter". Most of the "Dexter" cast appears to have bobbleheads, and while a Dexter Morgan figurine is creepy enough, who wants to see John Lithgow as Trinity, a frightening fictional killer, bobbling in the darkness?

8. Martin Luther King, Jr. This figure has a pretty high likelihood of being inducted into the Department of All Kinds of Wrong.

9. Dr James Watson. The only thing weirder than a figurine devoted to the man who helped discover the double helix and the structure of DNA is the simulated bobblehead motion on the website!

10. Red Sox owner John Henry and wife Linda Pizzuti. What makes this bobblehead pair all the more uncomfortable is that they were given out to their wedding guests as gifts. Thanks ... but no thanks.

Do you guys own any particularly weird bobbleheads? I have a few from sporting event giveaways, but nothing too out of the ordinary!

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