Get the Scientists Working on the Monorail Technology, Immediately

Colin Patrick

When Google launched Project 10^100 a few years ago with the philosophy that “helping helps everybody, helper and helped alike,” they were inundated with more than 150,000 submissions. After a long process of weeding those ideas down, just five still remain. And true to their word, Google has begun allocating the $10 million promised to help these 5 ideas spring to life.

One of the submissions, entitled “Drive innovation in public transport” is being realized through a project with a company called Shweeb - which seeks to send humans traveling along monorails in self-propelled vehicles.

If this idea leaves you scratching your head, the company’s website features an FAQ section with helpful information about some entertaining questions, such as "What if someone stops pedaling and the pod behind slams into them?" and "Doesn't it get hot and sweaty in the pod?"

These are valid concerns. Luckily, now they have a million more dollars to help sort it all out.