After spending a lot of time last week writing about what some famous books and characters were nearly called, I was inspired to do the same thing for horror movies. It's the time of year where we bump horror flicks to the top of our Netflix queue - I can't imagine putting Headcheese on the list, but it could have gone that way had Tobe Hooper not changed his mind...

1. The Babysitter Murders - Halloween.
2. Headcheese - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
3. Star Beast - Alien.
4. The Anderson Alamo - Assault on Precinct 13.
5. Scary Movie - Scream. Coincidence that the Wayans Brothers decided to steal Scary Movie when they spoofed Scream?
6. Sex Crime of the Century - Last House on the Left.
7. Phobia - I Drink Your Blood. I think I might almost prefer Phobia, myself.
8. Code Name: Trixie - The Crazies.
9. The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell - Last House on Dead End Street.
10. Orgy of the Blood Parasites - Shivers.

If you're a horror movie freak like I am, you can find more fun lists like this one in The Book of Lists: Horror. I love a good trivia book (obviously) and I find myself pulling this one out every fall.