The Return of Reader-Submitted Quiz Week!!

Jason English
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I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but we failed to post a Lunchtime Quiz today. I don't remember the last time that happened.

Here's my excuse: I had a routine dentist appointment mid-morning, and the dentist found something called an internal resorption. I was treated to an unexpected 90-minute root canal. By the time I got back to my laptop, Lunchtime was over.

So to make sure the quiz cupboard is stocked for my next dental emergency, we're bringing back Reader-Submitted Quiz Week!! Leave a comment with your name x in y minutes quiz ideas (see above for examples). We'll run our favorites the second week of November during the 5pm Quiz slot. If we choose yours, you get a mental_floss t-shirt and your name in pixels. Now put on your quizmaster hats!