The Late Movies: Star Wars Music

Mark Arminio

Tonight's Late Movies celebrate the incredible music of Star Wars in some unexpected ways. From classical examples to geeky tech renditions, here are a few of my favorite clips.

Starting off tonight, we have the Imperial March played on classical piano.

Here is the Imperial March played by the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra.

In this clip, we have the main Star Wars theme played on a banjo.

In 1977, musical and producer Meco combined disco and Star Wars. His album Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk went platinum. I'll let that sink in while you view this clip.

This is the Star Wars intro (including the 20th Century Fox trumpets) played on an organ.

Guinness shirt? Check. Darth Vader mask? Check. Bagpipes? Oh yeah, let's rock.

This clip has been running around for a bit is the Star Wars theme played on an old floppy disk.

In this clip Ash, a 90s band from Northern Ireland, plays a grunge version of the Cantina Song.

From the prequels, here is "The Duel Of The Fates" as created in Mario Paint.

Finally tonight, here is an a capella tribute to Star Wars and John Williams from the group Moosebutter. It's fantastic!

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