The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Schools Perform UFO Crash Drills

Some schools in the United Kingdom are teaming up with law enforcement agencies to practice what to do if a UFO crashes nearby. In the drills held over the past two years, an "incident" is created, and police talk to 8- to 10-year-old students about what they should do. The students are not told about the drill in advance. Afterward, the students write about the experience. The drills are designed to improve the student's reading and writing skills and to encourage them to use their imagination.

Never Anger Your Tattoo Artist

An unnamed 25-year-old man in Bundamba, Queensland, Australia asked for a yin-yang symbol to be tattooed on his back. The 21-year-old tattoo artist instead inked his own ideas on the man's back.

It depicts a 40cm-long image of a penis and a misspelled slogan implying the man is gay.

Police said the pair had a disagreement before the tattooing.

Ipswich Detective Constable Paul Malcolm said the victim was mortified by what happened to him.

The man who inked the tattoo has been charged with two counts of assault and a violation of the public safety act. It will cost about $2,000 to have to tattoo removed.

Beaver Arsonist

A house and outbuilding in Perth Road Village, Ontario was destroyed by a fire on October 20th. The cause of the fire was not apparent until investigators noticed a tree had pulled down a power line, which shorted out and started a grass fire, which spread to the nearby cottage. Other fallen trees were found, all bearing the distinctive marks of beaver teeth. The fire caused about $150,000 in damage, but firefighters prevented the blaze from spreading to other buildings.

Foreign Couple Mocked in Maldivian Ceremony

The Vilu Reef Beach and Spa resort in the Maldives advertises packages in which couples can renew their wedding vows. However, the ceremony is in the Dhivehi language. An employee uploaded a video of a ceremony in which the celebrant mocked the couple, calling them "pigs", "infidels", and worse. The European couple was oblivious to the meaning of the words spoken. The foreign minister of the Maldives was "horrified" by the video (contains NSFW subtitles). A local newspaper was outraged -at the news outlet that reported the incident, accusing the site of wanting to destroy tourism in the Maldives.

New Monkey Species Discovered, Eaten

Early this year, scientist heard of a new and different monkey in the Kachin state of Myanmar. When they arrived at the site, they found the monkey had been "discovered" by the hunters who killed it. It was eaten soon after. The UK organization Flora & Fauna International (FFI) investigated the species named R. strykeri, which they nicknamed "Snubby". The monkeys' noses are so short and exposed that rainfall makes them sneeze. They spend time during rain showers with their heads tucked, which make them vulnerable to hunters. The hunters told the FFI team that the rainy season was a good time to look for the monkeys because they made more noise during rain. Eventually, the research team saw more of the snub-nosed monkeys, but they moved so fast that no photographs were taken.

RIP Paul the Oracle Octopus

Paul, the octopus who predicted the outcome of World Cup soccer matches, has died at his home at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany. He was two years old.

After Germany's semi-final defeat, Paul tipped Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final, which prompted one news agency to report he had spurred a jump in demand for Spanish government bonds. Paul's prediction duly came to pass: Spain won.

Staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in western Germany said in a statement they were "devastated" to learn of Paul's death when they returned to work on Tuesday.

"He appears to have passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes, and we are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life," said the centre's manager Stefan Porwoll.

There was no indication that Paul had predicted his passing.

Snake Trapped in Woman's Bracelet

Samantha Brooks of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England was showing off her pet snake Prince when the snake became entangled in her bracelet. The bracelet became so tight that her hand began to turn blue, so a friend drove her to the local fire station. The firemen were startled, but then crew manager Kieron Hall used a ring cutter to break the bracelet and free Brooks' hand. The snake, who was trapped for about 40 minutes, was unharmed.