Dead Drops Around NYC

Colin Patrick

Aram Bartholl wants to encourage even more information sharing in today’s insanely-connected world. To do this, the German artist isn’t creating a new social networking platform or pioneering some groundbreaking personal communication device.  No, he’s just looking for holes in the walls around New York City.

As part of his project, "Dead Drops", Bartholl has embedded standard USB flash drives into public walls and other surfaces – and is encouraging anyone that comes across one of them to hook up their laptop, iPod or other electonic device and particpate in his project by helping themselves to any of the files available on the drive and leaving behind any files they see fit – whether it's a text document, picture, music or video file or an other kind of data you’re dying to share (that is, except for viruses).

Barthroll has a list of the five current Dead Drops locations on his blog. So, if you're in NYC and you visit one, let us know what you find there, and what you leave behind.