Fashions for Scientists (and Those Who Love Them)


Scientists and science geeks alike can wear their chosen discipline on their sleeves, so to speak, or around some part of their bodies. It's not exactly bragging, especially when the references are so obscure that only a kindred spirit would understand it! Oh yes, these scientific fashions also make great gifts for the scientist in your life.

Testosterone Underwear

Yellow Ibis sells shirts for just about every branch of science. They also have these boxer shorts that have an illustration of the chemical structure of testosterone on them! Yes, there are also underpants of a different style with the structure of estrogen.

Biology Scarves

A Slice of Life Scarves has silk scarves and ties with a variety of biological images. The scarf on the left is called "Energy" and is illustrated with mitochondria. On the right is "Nephros", with kidney glomeruli surrounded by tubules.

Anatomical Socks

And the leg bone connected to the knee bone... oh, sorry, that's a femur connected to the patella. Show off your anatomy without showing your anatomy with skeleton socks. Perfect for a radiologist, although a pathologist or any medical professional would enjoy them as well. If you like a little more meat on your bones, maybe you'd be interested in designer Anton Repponen's creation called Socks Anatomy.

Methane Diaper Cover

For the future scientist, it's a diaper cover hand made from merino wool and decorated with a CH4 molecule. That's methane, which is what your little bundle of joy is producing already!

Compass Skirt

This skirt, designed by Meredith Scheff, is called the StarBoard North Skirt. When you are facing north, little LEDs in the skirt light up! Actually, the part of the skirt that is facing north is always lit, so different panels light up as you move around. Scheff posted the process of creating it, so you can make your own. There's also a kit to get you started at Maker's Market.

Nuclear Physics Silk Necktie

This silk tie has formulas, diagrams, and terms that other nuclear physicists would appreciate. Useful as a cheat sheet? Not if you don't already have at least a rudimentary understanding of physics.

Placebo Bands

Placebo Bands from Skeptibros shows how you feel about bracelets that are sold as cure-alls. They will make you feel as good as you think they will, thanks to the placebo effect and confirmation bias. And you'll feel good about paying only $2!

Pi and Pie Earrings

For the mathematician with a sense of humor, here's a pair of earrings that are both pi and pie. The pie in this listing is lemon meringue, but Etsy seller nerdgodess can custom create your favorite flavor.

Pi Necklace

The Pi Necklace from the Robert Christopher Company displays the first 100 digits of pi! If you prefer, you can also get a necklace with the first 100 digits of e, or the square root of two, or some other long number you are particularly fond of.

Assay Shirt

An assay is a procedure for measuring the activity of a drug or chemical. This little figure asks the question "What does my assay?" but of course you can see that. Only certain people will get the pun. The woman's version of this shirt is a bit more provocative, due to the placement of the figure.

Science Tattoos

Clothing that displays your discipline is nice, but it takes real commitment to get a science tattoo. Before you decide whether to get inked, take a look through Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium for inspiration. Matthew MacDougall got this Irving Geis illustration of DNA inked on his back as a medical student. See pages and pages of submitted science tattoos of all kinds.