Famous Bands Singing Nonsense

Ransom Riggs

A couple of years ago I did a post called "Guitar Wizards Shred," that featured the work of a Finnish guitar dude overdubbing famous guitar players' solos with horrible flub-filled riffs that kind of matched the hand-work you see on screen. But I didn't make a nod to the joke in the text of the blog --

You see, sometimes an artist is just so humblingly gifted at one particular thing — Picasso with his brush; Joyce with his pen — that all you can do is sit back in awe and watch. There are such a precious few guitar players in the world who can have that kind of held-in-thrall effect on a whole audience at once — virtuosos who don’t even really need a backing band, thanks to the sheer majesty of their skills. I thought I would take a moment to honor those magic few here.

-- and surprisingly, a lot of people didn't even notice that the sound had been altered. Here's an example of one of the videos:

Paco De Lucia shreds - Parody

Santeri | Myspace Video

And here's an example of one of the comments:

Why did you pick these videos? They are all great guitarists but the examples of their playing that you picked were pure garbage. Paco should have been represented by one of his many flamenco recordings on youtube. same with Vai, because that video was just him jacking around, when he has so many serious works of art to consider. Eric Clapton could have been best represented in some way other than him not playing anything meaningful. Same with Santana. How did you get this by the editorial staff. How do you even have a job if this is how you represent people of such talent????

Which is a long-winded way of saying, this guy from Finland, YouTube's StSanders, is pretty great when it comes to live overdubbing. He even went on Jimmy Kimmel awhile back, and overdubbed Slash live and in person (which turned out to be a bit humiliating for both of them). Anyway, he's got a brand new bag, which is overdubbing whole bands and the lyrics to extremely famous songs, and the result is pretty genius and predictably hilarious. Here's one of his more recent efforts:

The Rolling Stones present "Suck it Up" --

StS's Rolling Stones

Santeri | Myspace Video

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody becomes "Poo-Poo Trap."

And Van Halen wants you to "Just Wash, Imbecile!"