The Grossest Cocktails In The World

Jill Harness

The basic concept of a cocktail is to improve the flavor of liquor and make it more drinkable, but some cocktails seem to do just the opposite.

Over at Oddee, I recently took a look at the 10 ickiest cocktails on earth, including the macaroni and cheese Jell-O shot, the smokers cough (made with mayonnaise and Jägermeister), and a few with names too gross to even include here. Be warned that some of the language is not safe for work and all of the entries are not safe for lunchtime reading.

If you do take a gander, be sure to check out some of the reader submissions at the bottom, which are even worse than many I discovered. And feel free to add your own gross drink recipes here.

[Image courtesy of Mike Burn's Flickr stream.]