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How Did You Know Leah White?

David K. Israel

We had a lot of fun giving away daily neatorama prizes this month! We hope you continue to enjoy this new aspect of the game. Thanks for being active on the Facebook page. Head over there to find out if you're a random winner, as we just announced that last night. Meantime, congrats to our first place winner, Leah White! Let's meet her now:

Wow! I can't believe I won -- I'm practically famous among my friends and family for NOT winning anything. But anyway, let's see... Write a bio -- I haven't ever had to do this before. Hmm... I like long walks on the bea-- wait... wrong kind of bio. I grew up an Army brat, but now I live just outside Richmond, VA close to where my dad was stationed for several years during my childhood. My days are currently spent working as an instructional design specialist for the Marine Corps, which basically means I'm involved in just about everything from soup to nuts in developing training. I have graduated from three universities in North Carolina (undergrad at UNC-Charlotte [not, it's not THAT UNC], and graduate degrees from NC State and East Carolina) and I like to joke that I'm trying to hit every university in the state. The picture is a really bad one of me and PeeDee, the ECU mascot -- I'll let you guess which one is me ;-) When I'm not working, I can usually be found reading, stealing back issues of mental_floss from my parents' house, playing video games, sitting in DC traffic, complaining about DC traffic, doing puzzles (both written and jigsaw), volunteering at my local humane society or at a nearby theatre, being sat upon by the 16-pound cat I fostered and then adopted, attempting to solve lateral thinking puzzles on an online forum, making snarky and/or self-deprecating comments and throwing random bits of trivia about, and generally avoiding unpacking in my new house (much to my mother's annoyance). While I haven't been a regular HDYKer for too long, I am now, and I find myself looking forward to the end of every month and new puzzles. Thanks, David and Josh! And thanks to my mom for introducing me to mental_floss, and to the Facebook fans who help everyone with their hints! And I'd like to thank the Academy-- oh wait, sorry... got carried away there. Anyway, thanks, and here's looking forward to next month!

Final Answer Pierce Brosnan played Bond in Goldeneye.

Day 1 Day 1 -- Theme: Counting D1/L1: 1) three [English] 2) trois [French] 3) 0011 [Binary] 4) tres [Spanish] 5) trzy [Polish] 6) kolme [Finnish] 7) drei [German] Reading down the highlighted letters leads us to the... Password to level 2: rooster D1/L2: 1) "ABC" [Jackson 5 - 1970] 2) "3" [Britney Spears - 2009] 3) "1234" a/k/a "One Two Three Four" [Feist - 2007] 4) "Vertigo" [U2 - 2004] 5) "Mambo No. 5" [Lou Bega - 1999] D1/L3: The number has to be even, since it will be 2 x even (= even) + 2 x odd (=even), so it will be two even numbers added together. Since they are 4 consecutive numbers added, the sum needs to NOT be evenly divisible by 4. It should divide into 4 and end up as xxxx.5. 23456 is evenly divisible by 4, so it has to be the next highest even option... 45678., where x = 45678 D1/L3 bonus question: 666 (36+1=37, 35+2=37,... 19+18=37; 37*18 = 666)

Day 2 D2L1 D2/L1: 1) red carpet 2) green thumb 3) tickled pink 4) yellow submarine 5) feeling blue 6) purple prose 7) agent orange Password to level 2: Beatles D2/L2: (see "colordoku" file) D2/L3: Take the seven stripes and assign ROYGBIV starting from the left. Take the first letters of the color of each stripe in the order listed, and you get..., where x = ivory D2/L3 bonus question: Stevie Wonder was the other half of the duo.

Day 3 D3/L1: 1) cake 2) ace 3) bird 4) butter 5) bass 6) veggie 7) Reggie [White] 8) putter 9) third 2&5 (ace and bass), 3&9 (bird and third), 4&8 (butter and putter), and 6&7 (veggie and Reggie) rhyme, which leaves "cake" as odd one out. It's number is... Password to level 2: 1 D3/L2: 1) WEIRD BEARD 2) GERMAN SERMON 3) BEYONCE FIANCE 4) FLAT HAT 5) POLLUTION SOLUTION D3/L3: When rhymed, they all become Canadian provinces: 1) Yukon 2) Ontario 3) Alberta 4) Saskatchewan 5) Prince Edward Island First letters of the answers are YOASP, which anagrammed give us, where x = soapy D3/L3 bonus question: William Shakespeare is the iambic pentameter rhymer in question.

Day 4 Day 4 -- Theme: Halloween D4/L1: (see hdyk 33 file also) 1) E1 -> A1 12) H8 -> H4 2) E1 -> E5 13) H8 -> D12 3) J1 -> F5 14) A9 -> E5 4) L1 -> L5 15) F9 -> F5 5) J3 -> F3 16) F9 -> J9 6) C5 -> G1 17) A10 -> E10 7) C5 -> C9 18) B11 -> F11 8) J5 -> J9 19) L11 -> L7 9) K5 -> K1 20) L11 -> H11 10) B7 -> F3 21) F12 -> J12 11) A8 -> A4 22) K12 -> K8 Password to level 2: 22 D4/L2: whatchamacallit=m kit kat=i krackel=c crunch=h starburst=a oh henry=e skittles=l hershey's=y reese's pieces=r m&m's=s 3 musketeers=k juicy fruit=t snickers=n butterfinger=f milky way=w almond joy=j skor=o dove=v mounds=d pay day=p So the boxes translate to: 1) michael myers / kitchen knife ["halloween" franchise- 10 movies total] 2) leatherface / chainsaw ["texas chainsaw massacre" franchise- 6 movies total] 3) jason voorhees / machete ["friday the 13th" franchise- 12 movies total] 4) victor crowley / hatchet ["hatchet" franchise- 3 movies total] 5) john kramer / sadistic traps ["saw" franchise- 7 movies total] D4/L3: The four categories of differences are 1) which side of the stem has a cut out, 2) which direction the eyes are facing, 3) whether the nose is facing left or right [I use which side along the bottom of the nose has the small point], and 4) which side of the mouth the tooth is on. Both pumpkins C and H have the cutout on the right side of the stem, eyes facing right, point of the nose on the left, and tooth on the right side. Alphabetizing them give you..., where x = CH D4/L3 bonus question: Glee recently had a "Rocky Horror" night.

Day 5 1) Galston -> G 2) skor ->O, skittles ->L --> OL 3) German -> .de (internet domain suffix) -> DE 4) snake, steak, and rake rhyme -> panda and ring are left -> NE 5) total = 25 -> Y 6) that was pumpkin E, where x = GOLDENEYE D5 final question: Pierce Brosnan played Bond in this movie.