The Quick 10: 10 Ad Mascots Voiced by Celebrities

Stacy Conradt

With the recent announcement of a new, swanky, “sexualized” Mr. Peanut voiced by a celebrity we all know and love (OK, I love him; I won’t speak for you), I thought it would be a good time to check out a few other celebs who have lent their voices to corporate mascots.

1. Mr. Peanut: Robert Downey Jr. It's the first time Mr. Peanut has had a voice in his 94 years.

2. Arby’s Oven Mitt: Tom Arnold.
3. GEICO Gecko: Kelsey Grammer. He’s not now, obviously, but he was at first:

4. M&Ms: Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman and John Goodman have all voiced the little guys at one point or another.
5. Sock Puppets: Michael Ian Black.
6. Nasonex Bee: Antonio Banderas.
7. AFLAC Duck: Gilbert Gottfried, but I’m sure you already knew that one. That’s a voice you don’t really confuse with anyone else’s.
8. The lead singer of the California Raisins: Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix’s drummer.

9. Chicken of the Sea mermaid: Darla Hood, Darla from Our Gang.
10. Comcast’s The Slowskys: Rachael Harris plays Karolyn Slowsky.

I know there’s more out there – what familiar voices have you heard behind the mascots?