The Late Movies: Supercuts

Chris Higgins

A "supercut" is not only a quality haircut from a national chain -- it's a type of video in which all instances of a particular word, phrase, or scenario are placed together, sometimes in sequence. No idea what I'm talking about? Watch on, and prepare for things to get weird.

Don Draper Says "What?"

This supercut claims to be an exhaustive compilation of every time Mad Men's Don Draper has said "What?" as a single line of dialogue. Beautiful and weird and...what?

See also: every cigarette smoked in Mad Men and every "What?" on Lost (seasons 1-3, anyway).

Every "Dude" in "The Big Lebowski"

A bit of swearing in this one, but just plain beautiful. "Dude, you're being very un-Dude!"

Every "Yeah" in "Fargo"

"Yeah, that's a good one." "Oh yah?"

Kramer's Entrance

Yep, every single time Kramer entered a room on Seinfeld.

Kramer's Entrance - watch more funny videos

No Signal

As the author says, "A montage of the most overused horror-cinema plot device, post-2000." Not exhaustive, but pretty darn impressive.

Mirror Scare

The same guy who did No Signal, this shows people being surprised in mirrors. Don't watch if you're easily spooked.

I'm Not Here to Make Friends

The now-classic reality TV statement: "I'm not here to make friends!" (Same creator as No Signal and Mirror Scare. Just go ahead and check out his YouTube channel for more of this, plus a lot of cat videos.)

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