Talking Pictures: Glamor Shots

Ransom Riggs

After last week's Talking Pictures post, featuring plagues of locusts and lightning-struck horses, and the previous week's, all about death, I figured it was time to lighten things up a bit. So I dug through the archives to find all my favorite shots of sassy broads and glamor girls (and guys) vogue-ing for the camera -- and, since this is Talking Pictures, writing notes about how hot they are. Think of these as the Facebook profile pictures of days gone by, complete with tags and captions!

Let's start with one of my favorites, the sassiest broad ever.

I get the feeling a lot of these were sent to boyfriends or girlfriends. Some are quite beautiful, even apart from their subject:

The guys, on the other hand, seem incapable of taking these pictures seriously.

Plastic shoes and pinstripes -- what a stinker!

Esther, courtesy Angelica Paez:

Peggy Ruth was feeling purtty good that day.

I like to imagine that this is the guy:

But not every guy who went around snapping pictures of girls was so kind about them ...

There are lots of these glamor shots gone wrong, but the ones I love all have nasty things written on them.

If someone tagged Facebook photos this way, it would be considered cyberbullying.

Here is Rosemarie
fat huh
May 3-59

I'm not sure exactly what this next one means -- he's bowlegged? -- but it doesn't sound flattering.

You know who this is, they are so ugly the picture wouldn't take
They were sitting on the stairs like they didn't belong to anyone so I made them feel good.

Sometimes you don't even need words to make fun of a person's photo:

Then there are the people who just want to make you laugh ...

... and people who would rather not be in the picture at all.

Thanks to Dave for this one, easily my favorite. Look closely and you can see Pearl's initials sewn into the flap of her jacket.

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