Woody's Winner, Week 10's Thu. game


NFL WEEK TEN (Thursday)

Would you believe that I went 12-1 last week? Me either, but my hero Leonard Post-Toasties would have been proud. My other Week 10 picks will arrive on Friday or Saturday, but let's get the Thursday game out of the way. The Ravens and Falcons have identical 6-2 records, and barring a tie, one of them will emerge as the first NFL team to reach 7 wins this season. But which?

Baltimore (6-2) at Atlanta (6-2)

Two and twenty blackbirds will face off on the gridiron in the 2010 season's first Thursday night game, as the Ravens fly south to the Georgia Dome to face the Falcons. Both teams beat good Florida teams (the Dolphins and Bucs) last week, and they may struggle a bit with the short week of practice. But opposing QBs Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan were the darlings of the 2008 draft, and they've both proven their ability on offense. This matchup will be decided by the folks on the other side of the ball, however. Baltimore's smash-mouth defense is a bit of contrast to Atlanta's high-flying style, but both play well against the run. With a win in their own nest, the Dirty Birds will quell their Raven-ous appetites live on the NFL Network.

Woody's Winner: Atlanta

FACT: The other 2008 QB draftee to start regularly this season - Miami's Chad Henne - will be benched this week in favor of veteran Chad Pennington.


Please check back tomorrow for the rest of Woody's Winners for Week 10!