Amazing Uninhabited Islands


If you've ever wanted to visit an abandoned tropical isle, then you'd better check out this WebEcoist article featuring ten stunning and completely uninhabited islands. While some are prone to flooding or have no fresh water, others seem like they could sustain humans despite the inability to create lasting settlements on the land.

Take, for example, the island seen above:

Aldabra Island is the world’s second largest coral atoll with a total area of 60 square miles , divided into four individual islands. Aldabra has been known to humanity for many centuries; its name is of Arabic origin. The island group lies 265 miles northwest of Madagascar and is the westernmost large island of the Seychelles. At 21 miles long, 9 miles wide and rising up to 26.25 feet above sea level it’s somewhat of a mystery why Aldabra hasn’t been able to support even a small human settlement.

One species has found a fitting home on the island though, the Giant Tortoise. There are around 15,000 on the island and they have thrived without human interaction.