The Late Movies: STOP IT

Chris Higgins

Stop It is a parody of the the A&E show Intervention. The show was created by Mike Rose for Channel 101, and ten short episodes were created before it was cancelled. Below are my favorite episodes, in order of awesomeness.

For what it's worth, I do enjoy Intervention. But I think Stop It does a terrific job of skewering the inherent weirdness of Intervention, and its tropes -- the bluntness of the interventionists, the weird family drama (including super-inappropriate outbursts), and the intoxicated antics of the addicts. Also be warned, the videos below contain some bleeped language and mature themes.

Episode 7 - Addicted to Makeup

"She" has a "problem." Sample line: "What're they gonna do, ask a rainbow to stop being colorful? Is that what this is about?"

Episode 1 - Addicted to Sniffing Markers

A pitch-perfect sendup of the classic "huffing" episode of Intervention. If you haven't seen it, check out this montage. My favorite part is when they go shopping for more markers. "Oooh, we should get green markers...."

Episode 10 - Stop It Must Be Stopped

Director Mike Rose finally had to be Stopped. Note: they also stopped bleeping the profanity at this point. Sample line: "You use stop in, like, every sentence. The word 'stop it' is--it's a great word--" Mike Rose: "It's two words. Stop not knowing how many words...are...stop--"

Episode 3 - Addicted to Wearing the Same Outfit

"My name is Mercedes. I wear the same outfit...all the time. I wear this outfit 'cause it's the same outfit I wore on The Grind."

Episode 2 - Addicted to Making Crank Phone Calls

"Yeah, is Hugh Jass there? I'm sorry, I must have a wrong number."