Yeah, That's Probably the World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan

Chris Higgins

Apparently Moviefone is holding a contest to find America's biggest Harry Potter fan. Well, "HarryPotterHimself" argues that he is not just America's biggest Potter fan, he's the world's biggest fan. If you don't believe his claims, check out the video below showing a tour of his house, crammed full of collectibles. My favorite quote: "I can wear Harry Potter clothing every day for three months without wearing the same thing twice [waves his wand at a bed covered with HP shirts]."

The YouTube comments range from "I LOVE YOU" to "...dont encourage this weirdo. before you know it he will have the next never never land? and call it hogwarts, will some one please think of the children."

Anybody a big enough fan to tell us what his back-of-the-neck tattoo is?