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Woody's Winner, Week 11's Thu. game



As predicted, the Falcons knocked off the Ravens in the premiere 2010 episode of Thursday Night Football. Another interesting matchup occurs tonight, so read below as Woody works the levers on Leonard Post-Toastie's old Smart Pill Machine and names the winner.

Chicago (6-3) @ Miami (5-4)

Both the Bears and Dolphins won at home last week, and Thursday Night Football is where one of them will take another step forward (pink cleats notwithstanding). Miami will be starting its third QB in three weeks, thanks to a pair of injured Chads - Henne and Pennington. Tyler Thigpen gets the nod because (1) he’s healthy, and (2) the announcers have fun saying his name. Moving from salt to fresh water, Devin Hester is back to his old form as a returner in Chicago, which will help the ursine offense (and defense) with better field position. If either team jumps out to a double-digit lead at Sun Life Stadium, it’ll be “game over.” But if it’s close, my instincts sway to the Windy City. They're Dolphins, not salmon, but I don't believe that the hungry Bears will notice much difference in the taste.

Woody's Winner: Chicago

FACT: The 1985 Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl after a 15-1 regular season. The only team to beat them that year? The Dolphins. Miami protected its record (which still stands) as the only team in the Super Bowl era to have a perfect season (including playoffs).


Please check back this weekend for the rest of Woody's Winners for Week 11!